RUSH Audio: DW Schultz Moved Heaven And Earth To Defeat West And Love…With White Men

Video: Juan Williams Worried About Israel’s ‘Overkill’

B.S. Report–Poor Juan, he’s worried that it’s not an “even” fight with an equal amount of casualties on both sides. Can you say “moral equivalence.” He’s like someone who breaks up a schoolyard fight by saying, “I don’t care who started it!” Well, some of us do.

‘Incompetent’ The New Racial Slur…And The New Racial Code Word For Moron Is… ‘Clyburn’

B.S. Report–Rep. James Clyburn and Marcia Fudge, Chairperson of the Black Congressional Caucus, are like so many “leaders” in the black community who fan the flames of racism to promote themselves, or in some way rely on race-hustling to earn their living. The word “incompetent” is not a slur–it’s a normal dictionary word that definitely applies to Rice, Clyburn, Fudge, and the majority of politicians of all races and genders.

Unfortunately, there are quite a few blacks who believe the nonsense these false leaders spew, and the damage they cause to American society is incalculable. Just like the spreading of any big lie or conspiracy theory, if you’re told daily that a particular group dislikes you, over time there will be a substantial number of people who believe that.

Clyburn’s notion that you can’t criticize blacks the same way you would criticize anyone else is purely racist. The irony is that most Americans have long since evolved passed that and would love to judge all people by the same standards. It’s demagogues like these, and President Obama is the worst offender, who promote racism to maintain their power base. To admit that racism is no longer a huge impediment in daily black life would be disastrous for those whose careers rely on racism as their business model.

Video: Walter E. Williams; Central Planning Defined

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Columnist Of The Day: Thomas Sowell; Killing The Goose

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Killing the goose that lays the golden egg is one of those old fairy tales for children which has a heavy message that a lot of adults should listen to. The labor unions which have driven the makers of Twinkies into bankruptcy, potentially destroying 18,500 jobs, could have learned a lot from that old children’s fairy tale.

Many people think of labor unions as organizations to benefit workers, and think of employers who are opposed to unions as just people who don’t want to pay their employees more money. (Read more.)

Video: John Stossel – Obama’s Election And Freedom

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RUSH: Economic Recovery Will Happen, ‘But What Will Frost Me Is Obama’s Policies Get Credit For It’