California Electorate Strikes Down New Tax Measures…State In Financial Crisis


Time To Cut The Budget!

From the Los Angeles Times

Reporting from Sacramento — The “big five” elected leaders — Schwarzenegger and the legislative chieftains from both houses — are slated to begin closed-door meetings today upon the governor’s return from Washington, where he spent election day after casting a last-minute absentee ballot.

On Thursday a small group of Senate and Assembly members will hold the first of what’s expected to be a slew of daily public sessions to wrangle over the details of the budget.

Schwarzenegger has called for cuts that would hit every corner of the state. He announced plans to lay off 5,000 of the state’s 235,000 workers and has proposed slashing education by up to $5 billion, selling state properties, borrowing $2 billion from local governments and potentially reducing eligibility for healthcare programs.

Time To Get California Back In Shape...

Time To Get California Back In Shape...

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa predicted that the city’s budget could take a hit — but he vowed a fight: “I’m going to do everything I can to protect the city coffers.”

B.S.–Of course Villaraigosa will do anything he can to fight limited government–he’s a government hack with no respect for the Constitution…He’s also an “attorney” that has never passed the Bar Exam; having failed it 4 times.

Worst-case scenarios also call for the release from state prisons of up to 19,000 illegal immigrants, who would face deportation, and the transfer of up to 23,000 other prisoners to county jails.

The governor also wants to borrow up to $6 billion, but awaits word on whether Washington would guarantee those loans. The White House has never done so for the state but is considering the action as Wall Street expresses concern that California could become a deadbeat borrower.

In a bid to salt those prospects, Schwarzenegger met privately Tuesday in the U.S. Capitol with members of California’s congressional delegation. “We have a major problem in California, and I think if we work together, we can make it through this crisis,” he told reporters after attending the White House announcement on tougher vehicle emission standards. “We need assistance. . . . I didn’t come for any bailout. We’re going to make the necessary cuts.”  (Read more.)

B.S. Report–There are thousands of programs that deserve to be cut and I bet they are ridiculously easy to identify–I don’t think the starting point is letting criminals out of prison.  That’s  where politicians go because they can save money without losing votes.

How about going after the massive welfare state that California’s become?  Politicians, with the willing support of an inane electorate, have turned California away from the freedom-loving, business-friendly boom-town it once was, to the present socialist-supporting, anti-business wasteland it has evolved into today.

We need government to slash billions from their budget and we need tax cuts across the board for individuals and businesses.

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