Federal Officials: Radiation Leak At Three Mile Island No Threat To Public Safety

(Lower Pic added by B.S. Report)

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Federal officials are investigating a radiation leak at Three Mile Island, scene of the worst U.S. nuclear power accident, but said on Sunday there was no threat to public health or safety.

Investigators were trying to determine the cause of radiological contamination inside the nuclear facility’s containment building on Saturday afternoon.

About 150 people were working in a TMI containment building when the contamination was detected and some were exposed to low levels of radiation, a Nuclear Regulatory Commission spokesman said.

“Based on the information that was provided to us by the company, the level of the dose they received was a small fraction of the NRC’s regulatory limit,” spokeswoman Diane Screnci said in a telephone interview.  (Read more.)

Don't worry, the radiation levels are completely harmless...

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