Hunt On For Former Royal Aide Who Killed Boyfriend

LONDON, England (CNN) — A former royal aide convicted of murdering her boyfriend has failed to return to prison on schedule, British police said Tuesday.

Jane Andrews in 2003 returning to jail.

Jane Andrews, 42, did not report back to East Sutton Park prison, southeast of London, on Sunday night, Kent Police said.

“We have no information to suggest she is a threat to the general public, however we must be mindful that… she was convicted of murder,” Assistant Chief Constable Andy Adams said in a statement calling on the public for help in finding her.

Andrews worked as a personal dresser to Sarah Ferguson, then the Duchess of York, for nine years until 1997.

She was convicted of murdering Thomas Cressman, 40, in their London home in a fit of rage in 2000.

During the month-long trial in 2001, the Old Bailey criminal court in London heard that Andrews was an “intense person” who stabbed her lover to death while he slept after he refused to marry her.  (Read more.)

B.S. Report–She was described during the trial as an “intense person.”  Ya think?  How about a crazy, murderous, maniacal bi….ch!  I really think that it’s an insult to the murder victim’s family to allow this (or any) murderer to be able to leave prison on these fun little furloughs.

She’s possibly gone out and committed suicide somewhere.  But she wasn’t sentenced to that–she was sentenced to prison and that’s where she should be.  She’s not even at a “real” prison.

The Prison Service describes the prison that housed her as “a pleasant mansion house overlooking the Weald of Kent. It holds both adult and young offender women in open conditions preparing them for resettlement in the community.”  That’s what you get when you beat and stab your lover to death…

No wonder she's gone--they left the door open...


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