Video: Dems And Obama Condemning ‘Nuclear Option’ Back In 2005; Now Threaten To Use It To Pass Health Care

Hat tip…Naked Emperor News (Go there–it’s a great source for political videos)

B.S. Report–I believe the Republicans were threatening the “nuclear option” because the Democrats were filibustering George W’s judicial court nominees–a type of filibuster which had never been done before.  It had always been an accepted practice that you don’t filibuster the President’s judicial appointments because, after all, he won the election.

I think that the nuclear option had also been used by “W” to pass his tax cuts as well.   This, however, would be a radical departure in that the Democrats would be using the so-called nuclear option to pass a major piece of legislation, over not just the objections of the minority party, but over the objections of the voting public as well.


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