Russian Ingenuity: Caviar Vending Machine Breaks Down In Two Days

From Prime Time Russia  (Pic and video added by B.S. Report)

Moscow – A caviar vending machine was installed in a Moscow government office. However, the demand proved to be too high.

While ordinary people head to the office vending machines to grab a chocolate bar, Moscow’s politicians are enjoying much more luxurious snacks at work.

Moscow government officials, especially women, were delighted to see a new caviar machine with tiny cans. The success of the machine was not hampered even by rather steep prices – a 100-gram can costing $5 and a 350-gram can $22.

Unfortunately, such demand proved to be too high for the machine, which could not survive the rush of orders and broke down just two days after it was installed.  (Read more.)

B.S. Report–Forget caviar, this is my kind of vending machine.


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