New Tone?…Don’t Bet On It; Obama’s Post-Election Presser

B.S. Report–This election was about one thing: Stopping Obama’s statist agenda. Count me on the side that says I don’t want Republicans working with Democrats.  If Republicans reach out to compromise with Democrats then they are ignoring the lesson of this election.

We voted the way we did because we don’t want to “work” with Obama–we want him, and his agenda, defeated.  Now, on the other hand, if he wants to work with Republicans he can easily do that by repealing health care, abandoning “Cap and Tax” and by getting the governments’ paws off the private sector economy.  That’s what the people want and that’s what would improve our economy.

But don’t look for Obama to abandon his ideology.  He’s not Bill Clinton.  President Obama is dead-set on taking this country to a place where most of us don’t want to go.  He doesn’t like the Constitution, he doesn’t believe in limited government, and he considers himself more a “world” president than an American president.

Without majorities, it’s likely that Obama will resort to using unelected bodies like the EPA, the courts, and his “czars” to force his vision on the rest of us peasants.  He may have been temporarily declawed–but he is still far from harmless…


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