President Obama’s ‘State Of Delusion’ Speech

From the New York Times (Pic and video added by B.S. Report)

By Helene Cooper

WASHINGTON — President Obama pledged on Tuesday night to use government power to balance the scale between America’s rich and the rest of the public, seeking to present an election-year choice between his continued leadership toward an economy “built to last” and a Republican argument that the country would benefit from less federal intervention.

In his final State of the Union address before he faces the voters, and at a critical moment of his presidency, Mr. Obama showcased the extent to which he will try to contrast his core economic principles with those of his Republican rivals in a time of deep economic uncertainty. (Read more.)

B.S. Report–I know that the state of the union address is more theater than substance, but it still bothers me when I see President Obama greeted with raucous cheers and standing ovations. After all, this is the man, our President no less, who is doing his utmost to deconstruct the country he swore an oath to defend and protect.

I understand that these worthless Democrat politicians are obligated to cheer him on, but really, let’s be honest, this guy has achieved nothing that merits our thanks–let alone our appreciation. The office of the President deserves respect–but our present officeholder deserves contempt for the damage he’s inflicting on his country and its citizens.


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