Diversity’s Champion?…Obama’s Chicago Campaign Staff Nearly All White

From FreeBeacon.com (Bottom pic added by B.S. Report)

By Andrew Stiles

A photo of Obama’s “army” originally posted on the campaign’s Tumblr site and run in conjunction with a BuzzFeed story on the Obama campaign reveals a stunning lack of diversity among the president’s Chicago staff.

The Obama campaign’s Chicago headquarters has it all—from Jack Daniels and Ping Pong to bouncy balls and ironic desk mementos. (Read more.)

B.S. Report–Barack Obama is not a uniter or a multiculturist. He believes in one thing, and that one thing is: Barack Obama. He’s an arrogant narcissist who thinks that he knows all. He’ll act as if he’s in your corner–but only if you love him and agree with him.

Oh sure, he pretends that he favors certain groups–but only to the extent that it helps him. None of his policies have improved life in the Black or Hispanic “communities.” The truth is he’s harmed them, just as he’s harmed all Americans and America itself. His ideas aren’t designed to improve anyone’s life. His goal is to re-make America in his own utopian vision. His true love is pictured on the basketball below…


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