‘Not A Fan’ Video: Black Media Mogul Byron Allen On Obama… ‘A White President In Black Face’

B.S. Report–Obviously, Byron Allen thinks the President isn’t acting “black enough,” and he’s not down for the struggle against the white devil.  So he dislikes Obama–but for totally different reasons than many of us.

Well, I can certainly agree with anyone who dislikes President Obama, the worst president in American history, but I do take offense to Allen calling Obama “white.”  He was elected because he was black and now, because of buyers’ remorse, Allen and others are trying to rebrand Obama as white.


Contrary to Allen, his race doesn’t matter one whit to me–it’s his awful policies that have always concerned me.  But I’m willing to wager that as the years pass, and Obama’s horrible, destructive, anti-American policies become obvious even to leftist ideologues, Obama will become whiter and whiter until he’s no longer the first black president, but instead he will have magically morphed into a half-white president or a half-black president.

But in the end, however you refer to this awful president, one word best describes the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama:  FAILURE. But by failure, I only mean a failure for America–because in Obama’s view, his idea to fundamentally transform America has been spectacularly successful. 



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