Happy Thanksgiving America…


The B.S. Report wishes you and yours a happy and meaningful Thanksgiving holiday. Thanksgiving is unique among American holidays for it’s a day set aside for “gratitude,” possibly the greatest of all human virtues.

Today, we Americans thank God for the multitude of blessings we’ve been given and for allowing us to live in this great country. Unfortunately, Thanksgiving, like many of our holidays and traditions, is under attack from some quarters.

Whiners, complainers, professional agitators and those in the “grievance” business spend their time pointing out America’s flaws while, rather conveniently, ignoring her greatness. Instead of comparing America with other “actual” nations, these detractors prefer to compare America with their vision of Utopia.


America is not Utopia–but it is the greatest society ever devised by human beings. And America didn’t happen by accident; it came about as the result of a defined set of philosophical, political, and religious ideas and principles–all of which are presently under assault. It is precisely our founding traditions that have enabled us Americans to live lives of unparalleled comfort and freedom–freedom which we now take for granted.

But no society can last forever–especially when the principles that brought about its success are being dismantled and undermined. We must defend and honor our traditions if America is to retain its identity. We must take to heart the words of President Reagan who warned us that “freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”

Below is a bit of Americana that is gone forever from the airwaves–a family Thanksgiving Day prayer, courtesy of Jim Anderson (Robert Young) on the ’50s show “Father Knows Best.”

Today, we are also proud to salute those men and women who are unable to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with their families, because they are busy protecting our freedom to spend the day with our families.

Set aside a moment to remember them.  Thank them.  Honor them.  But most of all, do not forget them.


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