Video: Lebron James Rang In The New Year With Machine Gun Blasts

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RUSH Audio: Media Creates ‘Polar Vortex’ To Link Cold Weather To ‘Man-Made Global Warming’

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Ed Schultz Video: Compares Cold Weather To Heartless Republicans

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BCS Championship Game: Auburn Vs Florida State (-11)

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Much maligned throughout its 16 years of existence, the Bowl Championship Series is going out with a bang.

In its final year before yielding to the highly anticipated College Football Playoff, the BCS has delivered a title-game matchup that’s evoking little debate about a pairing of teams that took very different roads to the Rose Bowl for Monday night’s showdown.

Top-ranked and unbeaten Florida State will look to complete its romp through the 2013 season when it takes on No. 2 Auburn, which to many has looked like a team of destiny all year.

Though the BCS system sometimes resulted in a month of heated arguments over whether the right teams were playing for the national championship, it often came through with the consensus correct matchup. That wasn’t enough to preserve the BCS, which makes its exit in favor of the four-team playoff that goes into effect next season. (Read more.)


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