RUSH Audio: Global Warming Merely A Platform To Advance Communism

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Yippee!…It’s Freeeee!! TN County To Feed Students 3 Meals EVERY Day & Maybe Give Them Computers!

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Memphis) Shelby County students will get free meals next year thanks to the federal government.
That includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.

“Every student. Every day. Every school,” said Tony Geraci, who is with SCS Nutrition services.
No matter the family’s income or story, every Shelby County student will get free breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
The federal government will pay for it all using taxpayer money.

Geraci said he worked hard to get it.
There’s no sign up. No money will even be in the cafeterias next year.
Plus, Geraci said it will save the district some money, because they will get reimbursed more than what a student pays for a lunch. (Watch news report and read more here.)


Heritage Foundation Video: Report From The 2014 March For Life

‘Greta’ Video: Allen West Says Obama May Be Deliberately Overloading The Welfare System

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Columnist Of The Day: Thomas Sowell; Fact-Free Liberals, Part II

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Words seem to carry far more weight than facts among those liberals who argue as if rent control laws actually control rents and gun control laws actually control guns.

It does no good to point out to them that the two American cities where rent control laws have existed longest and strongest — New York and San Francisco — are also the two cities with the highest average rents.

Nor does it make a dent on them when you point out evidence, from both sides of the Atlantic, that tightening gun control laws does not reduce gun crimes, including murder. It is not uncommon for gun crimes to rise when gun control laws are tightened. Apparently armed criminals prefer unarmed victims. (Read more.)


Canadian Prime Minister Vows Loyalty To Israel

RUSH Audio: Obama Has Succeeded On All Fronts In Transforming The Country

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