Columnist Of The Day: David Limbaugh…The America-Basher In Chief Rolls On

From Townhall (Pics added by B.S. Report)


How could America have twice elected a president who not only can’t stand America but also won’t perform his constitutional duty of defending it?
Even some former administration officials and rank-and-file Democrats are finally recognizing that there is something strange about a commander in chief who declines to listen to his advisers on terrorism, won’t read their daily briefings and is uninterested in their threat assessments.

It’s sad that so many refused to take Obama seriously when he promised to fundamentally transform America. It’s inexcusable that the media and so many naive voters believed that his radical past and his ongoing affiliation with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s racist church were irrelevant.   (Read more.)




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Column Worth Reading…A New Taxpayer Bailout To Cover Up ObamaCare’s Failure!

From The New York Post  (Pics added by B.S. Report)


by Betsy McCaughey

How dare the Obama administration bail out insurance companies with our money in order to hide ObamaCare’s failures. Thursday, just hours after giant insurer UnitedHealthcare said it’s losing money selling ObamaCare plans and will likely exit the health exchanges next year, the Obama administration quietly promised to bail out insurers for their losses — using your money.


Nearly all insurers are bleeding red ink trying to sell the unworkable plans. Without a bailout, more insurers will abandon ObamaCare, pushing it closer to its demise. A bailout would benefit insurers and the Democratic Party, which is desperate to cover up the health law’s failure. Ironically Democrats (including Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders) bad-mouth bank bailouts but are all for insurance-company bailouts. Truth is, it’s a ripoff for taxpayers, who shouldn’t have to pay for this sleazy coverup.   (Read more.)



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